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Episode 26 Herby Schultz by Ken David Stewart

Episode 26 Herby Schult

Herby Schultz lived in a bachelor’s apartment in the Fort Rouge area of Winnipeg. For the last two years, Herby had been in and out of homeless shelters in the Main Street area of Winnipeg. As he sipped from his first cup of no-name brand coffee, Herby started to reflect on his life. At thirty-three years of age his life could be seen as a long strange trip, a lyric from a Grateful Dead song called Truckin. Herby had never known what a stable home life was like. He has been adopted by his foster parents when he was very young. Herby lived with them for four years until his foster parents split up. From there, it was on to a series of residential group homes that took in young people.

Herby performed poorly at school because he had ADHD. At that time his teachers did not know about this disorder and just saw him as a student who couldn’t sit still, was easily distracted and was rarely able to complete any of his assignments. Herby quit attending school when he was sixteen. He was a high school dropout.

After he left school Herby needed to find employment. There would be the odd factory job that he could hold down for one or two months, but there were always problems. Although he tried hard, Herby had difficulty with the tasks required on his job and his coworkers often felt uncomfortable working with him. They complained to their supervisor about the issues they were having with Herby. It wouldn’t be long before the supervisor had to inform Herby that he was being terminated. Some employers were gentle when they had to inform the employee that he would have to be let go, others not so much. Herby always experienced job termination as an extremely painful and humiliating event in his life.

The main issue that Herby’s former coworkers mentioned was that Herby would often look like he was in a trance when a co-worker approached him. Some workers stated that when Herby would be at his work station he would be heard talking to himself. It wasn’t any wonder that his coworkers thought he was strange and that some were even afraid of him.

One night when Herby was overheard yelling and screaming in his apartment. His next-door neighbour called 911. When the police and paramedics arrived, they found that Herbie was experiencing a psychotic break. He did not respond when a police constable knocked on the door of his apartment. As Herby had not locked his door, the police officer just needed to turn the doorknob to gain entry.

When Herby finally acknowledged the presence of visitors in his room, he ran to his kitchen drawer and grabbed a large cooking knife with a black candle. As soon as Herbie lifted the knife to shoulder level height, a young constable sprayed Herby in the eyes with mace. As Herby was temporarily blinded, two police constables forced Herby to drop the knife and then put the handcuffs on. Herbie was placed in an ambulance and was transported to the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. The police and the paramedics have encountered this type of incident many times before and knew that the young man that they had just arrested was either in a psychosis caused by ingesting illegal street drugs or had experienced a psychotic break as a symptom of his schizophrenia.


When they arrived at the ER, and intern treated Herby with an injection of Haldol and strapped him into a hospital bed. Herby spent two days in the hospital. A psychiatrist diagnosed his patient as suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. He was sent home with a note providing him with the address and phone number of a psychiatrist and was advised to get in touch with the doctor as soon as possible. He was also given a prescription for Seroquel, an antipsychotic medication.

When Herby arrived at his apartment, the building supervisor called him into his office. “You caused quite a disturbance last week, Mr. Schultz. The police and paramedics were called you were driven away in an ambulance,” the supervisor a balding man in his fifties,” said.

“I’m very sorry sir. I have a grand mal epileptic seizure,” Herby lied.

“Are you presently seeing a doctor about your condition?” the apartment supervisor asked.

“Yes,” Herby replied shuffling around in his seat. My grand mal seizures occur very infrequently. The last time I had a seizure was about three years ago.

“Well, Mr. Schultz, you’ve been a good tenant over the last two years. You pay your rent on time and this is the only incident that occurred while you’ve been staying here. Furthermore, I can sympathize with your medical condition as I have a brother-in-law who has epilepsy. Are you feeling better now?” asked the kindly supervisor.

“Yes, I am sir. I’m very sorry for any trouble I may have caused you,” Herby said.

“I’ll tell you what Herby. Normally, I would be forced to evict a resident after an incident like you had last week, but I’ll tell you what. You strike me as a well behaved, polite, young man so I’m going to allow you to stay here,” the supervisor said.

“Thank you for showing me such compassion sir. I greatly appreciate it.” Herby Schultz sighed with relief, as he took the next flight of stairs back to his a[audio




Open Heavens, Anointing and God’s Favor

Open Heavens, Anointing, and God’s Favour.

fantasy-24This is episode three of the series that I’m currently working on called, A Christian With an Attitude.  This is episode three.  Warning: if you are not a believer, you could become one by reading my blogs and listening to my podcasts.  This may not occur suddenly.  It might take a few weeks, a few months or possibly even a few years, but I pray that the Holy Spirit will visit you in a prompt manner.  This is up to God, not me.  If you hate Christians and the church, perhaps you should read this to as there is a lot of bad press on the news and social media about the fellowship of Christian believers. Unfortunately, some of this criticism is justified  In my articles and podcasts, my goal is that you come to know the real Jesus and not the fake Jesus that is so often portrayed in the news and on social media and sometimes by the church itself.  What I’m saying is that I won’t take any responsibility or credit if you become a Christian.  That is between you and God.  If you are a discouraged Christian, I pray that I can bring you some hope, breakthrough and encouragement.

For approximately one month, I’ve been living under what I call an open heaven and have been blessed with a powerful anointing upon my life.  This is also a time in which I am blessed with a special kind of favour from God.  I’m not a theologian, nor do I pastor a church in the physical realm.  I’m just your average garden-variety Christian.  I have secular jobs such as working as a substitute teacher.  I am also an author, a blogger and have my own podcast show.  I’m not rich and famous yet, but if it’s God’s will, I will be someday. If I don’t become rich and famous I will continue my blogs and podcasts anyway as if even if only one human being on this planet is blessed, I will be grateful to God forever.

You may ask, faithful reader, what in the world is an open heaven?  I don’t think I can theologically define the term, but I can share what it looks like to me.  To begin with, I have not experienced an open heaven for a long time, until now. Just last month, God brought me out of a horrible clinical depression that probably lasted for two months.  During this time, I could barely get out off my living room couch.

After my breakthrough, I began to progressively feel better on a day-to-day basis.  Life gradually became a little more tolerable.  I was able to accomplish at least a few simple tasks per day.  After about three weeks I was back to my premorbid, baseline status.  In other words, I was functional. I am now back in the saddle and am once again a productive member of society.  I give God praise for this positive change and so does my wife.  You can only imagine how difficult it is to be married to a man who is too depressed do anything but lie on the couch and watch television.  I thank God that my wife is a godly woman and did not leave me.  Many other women would have.  I am greatly blessed.

When I am blessed by an open heaven, things rapidly start to improve for me.  I begin to have hope, my energy level increases dramatically and I feel much more empowered to deal with the stresses of daily life.  Stress in life is inevitable.  It cannot be avoided.  Whether or not stress will make you ill or even kill you is significantly based on your ability to cope with life’s major and minor crises.  I don’t want to only be able to cope with stress.  I want to thrive in stressful situations.  I want to enjoy the stress.  One fact that every Christian needs to know is if they stick out their neck for God and take risks, they will soon discover that they have an enemy.

The enemy’s name is Satan.  And believe me he hates God and all Christians.  In fact, he hates humanity in general.  If one is mostly just a Sunday Christian who attends church regularly, and perhaps even attends a Wednesday evening Bible study, Satan will not likely hassle you too much because you are already saved and there’s nothing he can do about it. He doesn’t think that you pose much of a threat to his kingdom.  If, on the other hand, you’re a radical Christian or as I call my podcast A Christian with an Attitude, the enemy will do everything and anything in his power, which is limited by God, to make your life miserable.  As it says in the Bible, you must count the cost.  My wife and I have both made the decision, to count the cost and pay the price.

Satan’s attacks are very predictable, but may show up in a variety of forms.  If you usually have a harmonious relationship between yourself and your significant other, you may suddenly realize that now you are now bickering constantly.  Your car may break down and you may be burdened with an expensive repair bill.  You may think that you have a good relationship with your supervisor at your job and now feel that he or she is finding fault with your every move, even if none of this criticism is justified.  I believe you get the idea.  Satan will do anything that he can to destroy your ministry.  If you are a believer, you have a ministry.  You don’t need to be an ordained minister to have a ministry.  If you help the needy and disenfranchised people in our society, you have a ministry. You can justifiably call yourselves lay ministers.  My wife and I don’t get paid a cent for our extracurricular service to God.  We don’t worry about this because God will be a debtor to no man or woman.

On an informal basis, my wife and I minister to the poor, needy, disenfranchised, mentally ill, youth at risk and to those suffering from the terrible disease of addiction.  We both love our ministries both as a couple and as individuals, but believe this, it can be very draining on both our finances and physical and emotional energy. May God bless, prosper you, heal you and give you good success. In Jesus name, Amen.

An introduction to psychiatry and medications by Ken David Stewart


This is podcast number four from the Ken David Stewart show.  I am presenting an introduction on the topic of major affective disorder.  If you suffer from depression or know someone who does this podcast may be helpful to you or them.  Thank you for listening.


Hey, welcome to my new blog.  My name is Ken David Stewart.  I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I decided to return to blogging after leaving the blogosphere for a few months. After a time of discouragement with my past results with both blogging and creative writing, I now have the desire to get back in the saddle.  I guess I missed the writing process more than I thought.

Over the years I have authored, and self published three books on amazon.ca and amazon.com.  None of my books made me rich and famous, but I enjoyed writing them. It was fun.

I am 67 years old and live with my wife, two dogs and a cat.  I love animals; all animals.

I am a semi -retired teacher who now works as a substitute teacher. I have a wide variety of interests. This becomes obvious when you’ve read some of my fiction writing blog posts.

Unfortunately, I suffer from a chronic and persistent affective disorder that for periods of time, puts me on the sidelines of life.  Fortunately, I also have periods of mood stability that allow me to be surprisingly productive.  For about a decade I was employed as a mental health worker.  Consequently, I know more about mental health than the average person.  My experiences as a life skills worker has provides me with a unique base of knowledge that shows up in my writings.

Along with mental health, my other interests include watching  NFL football, professional wrestling, practising my bass guitar, blogging and fiction writing and watching videos with my wife.  I work out at the gym when my arthritis and fibromyalgia pain is only of moderate severity.

In this new blog my subject matter may include excerpts from my fiction writing, current affairs issues, excerpts from my personal journal, and reviews of music, videos, books and audiobooks. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Ken David Stewart