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Let the Games Begin From Winter Dreams

Episode 35: The referee dropped the puck and Norberry center, Milt Hamilton won the face-off draw. He immediately passed the puck back to his teammate, defenceman, Russel Stein. When Stein saw a Cougar forward rushing toward him, he immediately dumped the puck along the boards. … Continue reading Let the Games Begin From Winter Dreams

Episode 1 of Winter Dreams a Novel by Ken David Stewart

Winter Dreams (the Continuing Adventures of Rick Miller)

A Sequel to Summer Dreams

Rick Miller was sitting alone in a booth at The Red Top Restaurant. The year was 1969 and it was a cold, windy December morning in the Canadian prairies. He had just arrived as his geography class at Maplewood Collegiate ended. It only took him a few minutes to walk across the street from the high school to the restaurant. He lit up a Rothmans cigarette and began to daydream about Sasha, his former summer love. He had to admit that he missed her now that all was said and done, but he was beginning a new chapter of his life. Shirley, the waitress approached his booth.

“What will it be today Rick, the usual?”

“Yep, my favorite. Hot chocolate,” Rick answered with a smile.

Rick figured that Shirley was in her mid-forties. She had gained a bit of weight over the years, but was still relatively attractive for someone her age. Rick noticed that Shirley had a short pinky finger on her right hand. The finger must have been amputated, but Rick didn’t allow his curiosity over-ride his impeccable good manners. He had never asked Shirley about what happened to her finger.

Rick’s high school was just across the street from The Red Top. Just as Shirley brought Rick his hot chocolate someone walked in the door of the restaurant. The new customer was a very thin young man roughly Rick’s age. He had long, dirty, unkempt strawberry blond hair. He stopped in front of Rick’s booth and asked if he could join him. Rick was a little surprised as had never seen this fellow before, but he motioned for him to sit down.

“Thanks for letting me join you, man. My name is Peyton Ramparts. I have a spare this period and felt like I needed a cup of java. I was up until two in the morning last night. My band had a really bitchin’ good practise.”

Peyton wore a long black coat with gold striping on the side. It looked like he could have stolen it from Jimi Hendrix.

“What’s your band’s name?” Rick asked.

“Winter Dreams,” Peyton answered. “Hey man can I bum a smoke off you?”

“Yeah, no problem. I hope you like Rothmans. I smoke whatever brand my dad is smoking at the time.”

Peyton started to laugh as he pulled out a cigarette from Rick’s pack.

“How did you come up with the name Winter Dreams for your band?”

“I can’t remember for sure. A guy from my band came up with it during a break from practise. We were all passing around a joint at the time while looking out the living room window. All I remember is watching a heavy snowfall. Then Pick said, “This is sort of like a winter dream and Chevy said that it sounded like a great name for our band.”

Rick was just about ready to ask Peyton another question when both boys felt a sudden rush of cold air breeze through the restaurant. They both looked towards the door and saw a young attractive female come through the door.

“Sorry I’m late, Peyton. I had to ask Mr. Pierce for an extension on my research paper for history class. Who’s your friend?” the girl asked.

“I don’t know his name yet. We just met a few minutes ago. Peyton reached across the table to shake Rick’s hand. “Sorry I should have introduced myself first. I’m Peyton Ramparts.”

“And I’m Rick Miller.”

“Let me introduce you to my girlfriend, Sabrina Davis,” Peyton said as Sabrina slid right next to him on the booth.

“I think I’ve seen you at school Rick. You’re in grade twelve aren’t you? I hear people talking about you in the halls all the time. You’re the Cougars star goalie,” Sabrina said brushing some snow off her navy-blue coat.

“I don’t know if I’m a star, but I try to play my best for the team,” Rick responded with true humility.

Peyton was already starting to feel comfortable with Rick. He felt that he could trust Rick and be real with him. Rick was sensing the same thing about Peyton. They both had the feeling that they could be honest with one another.

“So how did your meeting with Mr. Pierce go? Is he going to give you an extension on your homework assignment?”

“Yeah, no problem. I told him about my grandmother moving into our house and that she needed me to do things for her. I told Mr. Pierce that my extra duties were causing me to get behind in my studies.”

“What did he say about that?” Rick asked as he put his cup of hot chocolate back on the table. He was starting to feel right at home with Peyton and Sabrina.

“Oh, he said that he understood and would give me an extra week to work on my paper. He said that there was a time in his life when his mother was very ill and he needed to help her out a lot. Of course, it also helps that I’m very cute. All the girls in my class have noticed the way that Mr. Pierce looks at us. He definitely has a thing going for young high school chicks,” Sabrina answered with a chuckle.

“You sure know how to play him,” Peyton said with a bit of admiration. He always felt that Sabrina was smarter than him. She certainly got much better grades in school than he did. Peyton had very little interest in school. He attended the minimum of his required courses basically to keep his parents off his case and to be with Sabrina.

“Rick, do you know that Peyton is in a band. He plays lead guitar as well as writing some original material for the band. His group is called Winter Dreams and one day they are going to make it big. Record a single and an album. The whole nine yards,” Sabrina said proudly.

“We’re not as great as Sabrina says, but we’re not bad for a group that’s only been together for six months. We’re playing a gig tonight at Maplewood Community Center. Why don’t you drop by and check us out, Rick?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. It’s been a blast meeting you guys, but I have to get back to the school for my American history class.” Rick said as he put on his white down filled parka and got ready for a biting rush of cold winter air.

Winter Dreams Episode 49

Winter Dreams Episode 49

Miles Myers was grateful for the motivational talk that Rick Miller had given him, but he still felt very nervous as he left the dressing room and walked slowly to the ice surface of the St. Vital Arena.  The two rookie forwards, Steve Hayes and Rod Langlois followed right behind him.

Miles informed Steve and Rod that he wanted to skate two laps around the rink before taking his place in the net to start taking warm-up shots.

Several fans of the Norberry Knights had already found seats in the arena.  As Norberry was the visiting team, their supporters took the bleachers on the west end of the arena.  The Maplewood Cougars were attired in their home team jerseys, a beautiful blend of gold with white trim.  The Norberry Knights wore their visitor’s uniforms that were white with silver trim.

As soon as Miles, Steve and Rod took to the ice they could feel the hatred that the Norberry Knights fans felt toward them.

One of Norberry’s fans yelled out,” Hey Myers, you sieve, what makes you think you can play goal like Rick Miller?”  Another Knights fan, a tall thin man in his early forties, put his hands together and bellowed, “You guys should concede the game right now before you embarrass yourselves.”

The Maplewood Cougars fans started to enter on the east side bleachers.  There was a sense of uneasiness among the Cougars supporters.  The fans knew that not having Rick Miller in goal tonight could be a huge factor affecting the outcome of this evening’s game.  There were also concerned about the loss of team captain, Eric Coswell as he was serving a suspension.  Eric was highly valued for his team leadership as well as for his outstanding skills as a defenceman.

The extra security staff arrived approximately one hour before game time.  Two security personnel were already checking the fans entering the arena for concealed weapons, contraband or alcohol.  One three hundred pound security guard had already stopped one fan who had a switchblade knife in his jacket pocket.  Two other security personnel caught a teenager with a flask of whiskey in the pocket of his parka.  The young man had wrapped the silver flask in a brown paper lunch bag. This was not too smart as anyone who sees somebody drinking out of a brown paper bag knows that it’s not Coca- Cola in their container.  The young man hung his head in embarrassment.  One of the older security guards who was likely well to his sixties turned towards the young female security guard and said, “I don’t know about you, but I’ll be glad when our shifts are over tonight.  I think a lot of these people are expecting to have an all out brawl like the one they had last game.”


“Don’t worry,” said a thirty year-old police constable with a slight tinge of grey in his black hair.  The police officer was standing by a white wall and was also keeping a close eye on the crowd.  “The first person that gets out of line and I pull out the handcuffs.  My partner and I are ready to use physical force if necessary, to keep this crowd under control.  If it gets really bad.  we can always radio in for backup.”  His partner, a fit young officer with red hair, nodded in agreement.