The Undertaker’s Hall of Fame Speech 2022

The Induction of the Undertaker into the WWE Hall of Fame 2022

Recently, I had the privilege of watching the 2022 Hall of Fame Ceremony presented by the WWE.  There were several wrestlers who were inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, but the most outstanding was Mark Calaway, better known to the WWE universe as the Undertaker. It was a good thing that his former boss, Vincent Kennedy McMahon chose the Undertaker to close the show, as I doubt that any of the other inductees would have wanted to follow him.

Although everyone in the WWE universe is cognizant of the amazing wrestling abilities and professionalism of the Undertaker, few, if any, had the privilege of hearing this wrestling legend talk about the human being behind the Undertaker’s mystique, Mark Calaway.

The speech that Mark Calaway delivered was the equal of any of the in- ring performances by his persona, the Undertaker. Those of us who were blessed enough to have heard his talk got to know the real personality of Mark Calaway. Not only being very articulate, Mark Calaway did not shy away from revealing some of his own regrettable behaviors as the Undertaker. Mark Calaway exposed the real man behind the myth, and this is what made his speech a classic.

My hope is that many young people will have had the opportunity to watch a video of this Hall of Fame event. What the Undertaker did so well was to pass on important life lessons to his audience. In this present time of confusion over what constitutes true masculinity, Mark Calaway spoke a powerful message to his audience. In this present time of confusion over what constitutes true masculinity, he very accurately described what it is to be a real man in the present era in which we live. He spoke by using the methodology of storytelling to pass on the important life lessons he learned by being both Mark Calaway, the person and the Undertaker, the character that he portrayed. I will not relate the Undertaker’s stories for him, as I want my audience to watch a video of this Hall of Fame speech, so that they can induce Mark Calaway’s life lessons for themselves. Thank you, Taker.

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