Metallica’s New Box Set

A Review of Metallica’s Remastered Deluxe Box Set Part One by Ken David Stewart

It would probably require a week to possibly a month of daily listening to Metallica’s Remastered Deluxe Box Set of their Black Album to do it justice in a critical review.

The new updated version of the Black Album, originally released in 1991, contains several previously unreleased live tracks that are essential to the collection of any true fan of Metallica. I’ll begin by stating that the original 1991 release created a pivotal point in rock music history. Metallica’s Black Album was, and still is, a rock masterpiece.

To tell you the truth, the first four tracks on the original Black Album are worth the price of the album alone. You can even download it for free on Spotify.

It’s only fair to warn you that I can only do a quick, unedited, rather disjointed, review of Metallica remastered deluxe box set. I will only be able to comment on a few tracks due to time restraints. Let’s start with the opening track, Enter Sandman. This song forces me to relive my childhood experiences of wondering if there was something very scary going on underneath my bed. When I was still a little tot, I can recall watching the Thriller TV series. Most episodes of the show scared me half to death. Does anyone remember Boris Karloff? Need I say more? To counteract the residual terror left inside my head from watching scary television shows, my Baptcha painted a lightbulb red and fastened it to a wooden square board. Baptcha assured me that the red bulb was much more powerful than any evil adversaries that may be awaiting me under my bed. I would never doubt my Baptcha’s wisdom, so the red lightbulb turned out to be absolutely effective in neutralizing any creepy creatures lying under my bed.

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