The Local Winnipeg Rock Scene in the 1960s

Winnipeg’s Local Rock Scene in the 1960s

Back in the 1960s the highlight of my week was going to the River Heights Community Club or Champlain Community Club. This was where was when I was 18 years old. We were very fortunate in that there were many good local rock bands that would perform at various community club centres on a Saturday evening. Mostly these bands played cover versions of the latest hit singles on the radio. Some of the famous rock bands of that time were the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, the Beatles, the Animals, Paul Revere and the Raiders and several others that I cannot recall at this time.

Most of the local groups both covered the songs of these world-famous bands and might play one of their own locally recorded original singles. The band, Next, for example had a hit record with their version of Tobacco Road. The Guess Who would often perform their own recent singles including songs like His Girl and Flying on the Ground is Wrong. Some of the local bands that I remember following were the Guess Who, the Cordells, Next, the Fifth, Chopping Block, the Next Amendment. The Pallbearers and several more that I can’t remember offhand.

The Cordels

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