Kens Rock Music Blog #1 by Ken David Stewart

Kens Rock m Music Blog #1 by Ken David Stewart


Ken’s Rock Music Blog

When I first got the rock music bug was around the time I was about five years old. I watched the Ed Sullivan Show on my parents prized black and white television set. Watching Ed’s variety show was a staple in our home on Sunday evenings. For me, it was a good distraction from having to think about the fact that tomorrow was another Monday and I would have to go back to school. On Sunday evening Mr. Sullivan introduced a new and upcoming singing star called Elvis Presley. I was immediately fascinated by the cool dude and the songs he sang on the show. The way Elvis moved around when he sang and played guitar was very unusual for that time. My parents were very loving and my mother bought me the first two Elvis Presley albums. I’d go down to the basement, put on the record player and play those albums for at least an hour every day.

As very heartbreaking thing happened to me one day. I was going down the basement steps when I slipped and fell breaking my Elvis Presley albums into several hard, brittle, plastic pieces. I wept over my misfortune for several days. I wish they would have had digital downloads in those days.

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