The Very Best of The Doors Reviewed by Ken David Stewart

The Very Best of the Doors, A Review by Ken David Stewart

I have returned to listening to a few of the Doors albums. One of them is titled the Very Best of the Doors and was originally released as a double CD collection. The first track on the album, Break on Through to the Other Side is unique in that it does not cloud over the line, ‘she gets high’, as is done on previous versions of this song. Of course, I have my favourite entries on the Very Best of the Doors. In no particular order, I will comment on a few classic rock standards acknowledging that all songs included on this CD are grand in their own way.

Due to the process of time the single and album version of Light My Fire speaks for itself. I first began listening to this rock music classic around 1965 and there is not a lot for me to say except that I prefer the longer version as is featured on the LP. The longer version contains the brilliant instrumental solos by Ray Manzarek and Robbie Kreiger . One reason why I would recommend getting a copy of the two CD version of this edition is that it includes five new remixes. The remixes include Roadhouse Blues, You Make Me Real, Maggie McGill, Hello I Love You and LA Woman. I’m enjoying all the remixed versions, but my favourite is the Roadhouse Blues mixed track. Every time I listen to the track LA Woman, I start to visualize the colour purple.

Touch Me would land in the top five of my favorite Doors song picks. I’ve always liked the song Soul Kitchen as this track is just good straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll. Although there could never be a Doors album without Jim Morrison, a lot of musical magic is added due to the instrumental contributions of his bandmates, Ray Manzarek, Robbie Krieger and John Densmore. I would definitely give the Very Best of the Doors double album a five star rating.

Ken David Stewart

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