Thursday, a poem by Ken David Stewart

I feel like writing a poem this afternoon.

I finished my first practice of the day on my bass guitar.

I had to quit early because my fingertips hurt too much.

I’m not a wimp.

Its just because I haven’t picked up my Epiphone Thunderbird bass in a long time.

I think Nikki Six has one like mine only more expensive.

I was probably too depressed to practice my bass before.

I like playing my bass because it makes a lot of noise

And rattles the windows.

Yesterday, I felt too crappy to do much of anything.

Today I feel better.

Maybe it was the extra pill I took.

I planned to write another episode of Alligators in the Sewers

but decided it might hurt my brain too much.

I’m glad to see that some people are actually reading the rough drafts of my new novel.

More people should read Alligators in the Sewers because there’s not too much more else to do. And besides,

I feel jolly when people read my stuff.

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