Episode 8 of Alligators in the Sewers by Ken David Stewart The Chaos Begins

Episode Eight The Chaos Begins

A 16-year-old male named Jonathan Riley had just left the store known as Dells Electronics where he had just purchased a large 10.1 inch white Samsung tablet. He was just opening the bag when he felt a tug on the sleeve of his Oakland Raiders jacket. The pull cam from his 17-year-old friend, Harley Mason. Jonathan was short in height and had a slim build. His friend Harley liked to do two things in life, eat as much food as his stomach could hold and to work out with weights a minimum of one hour per day.

The results were not surprising. Harley’s height was 6’4″ and he weighed 282 pounds. He sported a sizable paunch, but this was overshadowed by his enormous biceps that measured in at 22 inches. Jonathan first started hanging out with Harley to prevent getting bullied by the other kids at school.

“What’s the matter, Harley?” Jonathan asked as he was distracted by the electronic treasure in his bag.

|”Get your eyes off that freaking tablet and look at what’s happening on the street. I think I heard gunshots,” Harley answered.

“Holy crap!” said a badly frightened Jonathan. Am I hallucinating or is that some kind of living prehistoric dinosaur?”

“No, you’re not imagining anything. It’s real. Get your phone out and call Emergency Services.”

“Jonathan did as he was instructed and was soon talking to a police constable dispatcher.

“Emergency Services. How can I help you?”

“Some kind of prehistoric alligator is right in the middle of Main Street, not far from the Eirst National Bank,” Jonathan replied.

“Normally, I’d laugh at you and hang up, but three people before you called to report the same thing. I’ve dispatched police officers from all over that area and some others from close by districts. My advice to you is to get the hell away from that thing as fast as you can,” said Bob Prichard, the dispatcher. He had just returned from lunch after chowing down on a very greasy, supersized chili burger and now his tummy didn’t feel so good.

The alligator used all of its substantial strength to push the car occupied by the two middle-aged drivers upside down.

The two men in the Honda Civic were now completely turned over and were feeling the pressure of the car on top of them. One of them yelled out of an open space in a cracked driver side window, “Help! We need some help. The weight of our car is crushing us,” said one of the men as he vomited on his fancy, white dress shoes.

An elderly lady on the sidewalk had her German Shepherd on a leash.Her large dog was well trained, but could not sit still any longer. Surrounded by the chaos, the animal was beginning to lose control. He could see that the alligator was staring at him through its milky coloured eyes.

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