Mustaine A Review by Ken David Stewart

A Review of the Audiobook Mustaine reviewed by Ken David Stewart

At certain times, during the last two weeks, I have been listening to Dave Mustaine’s autobiography on an audiobook platform. I usually don’t enjoy reading rockstar biographies or autobiographies as they are usually drunkalogs or drugalogs. Although the book Mustaine does not avoid these topics, it doesn’t dwell on. I admire Dave Mustaine for taking the responsibility for his own actions and I appreciate his honesty and his willingness to be real. The narrator of the book, Tom Weyland is excellent.

Dave’s stories from childhood are very chilling even for a heavy metal rockstar. I also enjoyed hearing about Dave Mustaine’s time with Metallica told from Mustaine’s point of view. There is much more I can say about this book/audiobook, but I don’t want to throw in any spoilers. I definitely recommend this autobiography to any fan of Megadeth or heavy metal music.

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