Month: November 2020

Ode to a Dog a Poem by Ken David Stewart

Ode to a Dog a Poem by Ken David Stewart

You passed out of my life in your sleep

In the middle of the night

How is doggy heaven?

Black head, white body splotches of black

A neighbour called you Shoe Polish

I owned many dogs but not one would love me like you

Was it because I rescued you and gave you a home?

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Episode 49 of Street Dreams/The Blood Bath

Episode 49 of Street Dreams/the Blood Bath

Pixie’s mother, Aileen Drexler, slowly began to regain consciousness. Her boyfriend, Stan Kowalski had struck her with so many blows from a nearby two by four that Aileen had passed out from the pain. Stan had delivered four to five vicious blows to her body. He had even landed a couple to the back of her skull. Mrs. Drexler slowly opened her eyes and felt trickles of blood flowing from the back of her head. She placed her left hand on the backside of her head and quickly turned her head to where she could see it and saw that it was covered in bright red.

Aileen felt dizzy and she was now viewing the world in double vision. She turned her head toward the wall and felt nauseous as she could see clumps of grey matter streaked with blood splattered across it. When she slowly turned around, she felt a surge of pain radiating through her whole body. She couldn’t move her neck around any further,but caught a glimpse of her boyfriend, Stan Kowalski

She noticed that Stan’s head resembled the red planet, Mars with an indentation on the right side of his skull. A thick layer of blood was coagulating on the carpet surrounding his bashed in head. A few feet behind Stan was an oversized hammer that now had bloodstains mixed with old paint splatter. Using her first- responder training, Aileen Drexler bent down and placed her ear close to her boyfriend’s head to check if he was breathing. As she could neither hear nor feel any breath coming from either Stan’s nose or mouth, Aileen checked for any pulse coming from Kowalski’s carotid artery. Being satisfied that she was not getting any sign of a pulse from her boyfriend, Aileen went to the living room to get her cell phone and called emergency services. She told the dispatcher that she was with a 37-year-old male who was bleeding profusely from a wound to his head and that she could not get any sign that he was breathing or had a pulse.

The male emergency services worker instructed Aileen to try making a tourniquet out of her shirt and attempt to try and manage the blood loss from the victim’s head. She was also told to start CPR immediately. He assured Aileen that paramedics and the police would be at her house shortly. Mrs. Drexler also informed the emergency services worker that she had suffered a blow to the back of her head, but that she had managed to stop the bleeding by applying a wet washcloth that she had retrieved from the bathroom.