Episode 38 Pizza Hut

Episode 38 Pizza Hut
“What should I cook for supper tonight?” Whisper asked Harold.
“Nothing,” Harold replied.
“Aren’t you getting hungry? It’s already after 5 PM,” Whisper asked as she sat up on the couch that was close to Harold’s white lazy boy chair.
“Oh, I’m hungry all right but I’m a little pressed for time this evening. I need to buy a new ice pick at Canadian Tire. I can’t find my old one. I was looking for it in the backyard woodshed, but it was nowhere to be found. Both the front and back steps are getting really icy and I’ll need to break up the ice with a pick. I was thinking about heading out to the Canadian Tire store in Southdale,” Harold said.
“Why do you want to go all the way to St. Vital? There’s Canadian Tire outlet on Regent. That would be your closest one,” Whisper said.
“I know,” Harold replied, but an old friend of mine works the evening shift at the Southdale store. He was my neighbour for a few years but I haven’t talked to him for a while and I want to ask about how his new job is going. His name is James and he’s a nice young man. He was a schoolteacher for a couple of years, but found that he wasn’t cut out for the job. When his second year of teaching was over, he resigned and picked up a manager’s job at Canadian Tire.”
“So what are we going to do for supper? You said that you were hungry,”Whisper said.
“I’ve got that one covered. You’ve cooked a lot of good meals for us during the last two weeks. I think it’s only fair that I treat you to dinner at Pizza Hut tonight. We’ll eat supper before we go to Canadian Tire.
“You mean like a date or something, Harold?”
Harold laughed out loud. “That’s a good one Whisper. I’m 65 and you’re 22. Don’t you think there’s a bit of an age differential at work there?”
“I’m flattered anyway. I would love to go for supper with you.” Whisper said.
“Let’s get going then,” Harold said.
“You might need me to go out and clean the snow off the car. It’s been snowing quite a bit today and there’s probably two or three inches of snow on the roof of the car. Also, I need to shovel around the tires of the car so that we won’t get stuck,” Whisper said.
“You’ve only been staying with me a little while, but I’m now starting to wonder how I ever managed before I met you. I could clear off the snow myself, but I would feel pain every time I moved a muscle. This arthritis is really been giving me grief. The funny thing about osteoarthritis is that it won’t kill you, but it sure can make your life miserable,”Harold said.
Whisper put on her white downfilled parka that Harold bought for her at Hangers. She then started to pull on her new black leather snow boots that were also a present from Harold.
“My God,” Harold thought to himself. “Whisper is beautiful. So was Erica. She had a different kind of beauty. Harold turned on the ignition and started warming up his red Ford Taurus while Whisper brushed off the snow on the roof of the car. Whisper used the rubber broom with the long white handle. It is much easier to take off large clumps of snow with the rubber broom that she found in Harold’s cleaning supplies closet.
“Where did you get this broom Harold? It sure makes brushing the snow off the car much easier,” Whisper noted.
“I’ve had that white broom for ages now. I bought it for myself when I used to be a part-time Amway distributor.”
“What Amway?” Whisper asked.
“I’ll reserve my answer for another time. It’s too long a story,” Harold answered.
Once Whisper had removed all the snow from the car, she threw the rubber broom in the back seat and climbed into the passenger seat in the front close to Harold. As soon as they drove a short distance out of Harold’s driveway, he felt his car shake lightly for a few seconds. There are some wicked patches of ice under the snow,” Harold noted. “Thank goodness my neighbour recommended that I get snow tires installed during the winter season. Before I had winter tires, my car would often fishtail whenever I tried to stop at an intersection.I feel much safer safer now.”
As soon as Whisper climbed onto the passenger seat she automatically fastened her seatbelt. As she turned her head she noticed a zippered red binder in the back seat of the car.
“What’s in the red binder?” Whisper asked.
Some of my favourite CDs. The CD player and the old Taurus is still in good working order,” Harold answered.
“Can I look through it to check what CDs you have?” Whisper asked.
“Sure, but if you’re looking for any contemporary music you won’t find any. I pretty much stopped listening to modern music after the 1990s grunge era.”
“That’s awesome. I love the music from that era. Have you got any Nirvana in your binder?”
“Yes, I do. Nirvana is my favourite Seattle grunge era group,” Harold replied. As Whisper was going through the plastic sleeves in the red binder she found the Nirvana’s Greatest Hits CD.
“Do you mind if I put “Greatest Hits in your CD player?”
“Be my guest. I love Nirvana’s music. I was upset for a long time when I heard the news that Kurt Cobain killed himself,” Harold said.
“Some people don’t believe it was a suicide. They think that maybe Courtney Love was paying someone to put a hit on her husband,” Whisper said.
“Yes, it’s a very controversial topic. Apparently the surviving members of Nirvana don’t believe that Courtney had anything to do with Kurt’s passing.”
“The first track on the CD was You Know You’re Right. Harold and Whisper listened to the whole album with both of them singing along with the choruses on most of the songs.fantasy-201

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