Episode 25 the Grunge by Ken David Stewart

Episode 25 the Grunge 

As Harold and Whisper entered the Grunge they could smell a sweet aroma of patchouli oil and burning incense. Harold took a quick glance at the right-hand wall of the coffeehouse. The wall was painted black but was filled posters of famous rock icons. Harold could see that many of the large posters were members of the infamous 27 club. The wall was decorated with posters of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain. It was dark in the Grunge, but Harold could make out round wooden tables of assorted neon colours. Each table had a glass jar with a burning candle in it. A young man in his early twenties approached Harold and Whisper. “Can I help you to find a table? After that I can give you a tour of the Grunge,” the young man with the ponytail said. 


“Thanks, man I’ll find us a table near the front of the stage. I’ve been here before so I can give my friend a guided tour,” Whisper said. 

“Can I get you guys anything to eat or drink?” the waiter asked. 

“I’ll just have a regular coffee for now. “What would you like?” Harold asked Whisper as he turned his chair to face her. Lunch is on me.” 

“Thanks Harold. In that case I’ll have a Diet Coke and a cheeseburger,” Whisper said to the waiter. 

“Coming right up,” the young man said. 

“While we’re waiting for our drinks and food I’ll give Harold a quick tour of the Grunge,” Whisper said. 

“What do you want to see first?” she asked Harold. 

“The bootleg recordings,” Harold said. He had a look of anticipation on his face. Whisper took Harold down a narrow, dimly lit corridor. She  took a right turn where all the CDs, cassettes and vinyl records were located. 

“This collection is massive,” Harold said as he gazed at the many record bins and merchandise that was planted high up on the walls.The first item that Harold spotted was a vinyl record album with orange and black trim. It had a picture of Bob Dylan on the cover. Harold quickly grabbed the album and started to examine its contents. The title of the album was June 26, 1988, Bob Dylan at the Winnipeg Arena. This was definitely a bootleg. 

“My God,” said Harold. I was at this concert.I’ve got to have it. He found a yellow price sticker in the right hand corner of the album. The sticker read $22.50. 

“This puppy is going home with me!” Harold said excitedly. He was so delighted with his find that he began dancing around the corridor with the album under his arm. “Let’s browse the record collection some more,” said Harold. “I wonder what other treasures are hidden in these bins.” 

“I love Bob Dylan too,” Whisper said. “We can come back to the album collection later, but we have just begun our tour.” 

 Harold and Whisper heard the waiter calling, “Hey you two, your grub and drinks are ready.” Harold could hardly keep his eyes focused as he was glancing here, there and everywhere, as if in a trance. 

When they got to the table, Whisper didn’t waste a second before taking a large bite out of her cheeseburger. 

“Wow, you must be hungry, girl. Let me order use some more food. I can tell that one cheeseburger is not going to be enough for you,” Harold said all carefully placing his Bob Dylan record on an occupied chair at their table. 









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