Street Dreams Episode 22

Episode 22

“Would you want to just hang out with me today, Harold?” Whisper asked.

“Yes, what would you like to do?”  Harold asked.

“In the afternoon I was wondering if you could drive me to this sort of headshot/coffee shop called the Grunge.  It is a really super cool place to be.  They have some really rad clothing like from the nineties.  The also have an awesome collection of CDs, cassettes and vinyl records,” Whisper said.

“Do they have any bootleg CDs, tapes or records?”  Harold asked.


“You mean like live concerts that weren’t officially released by artists like Led Zeppelin and Nirvana?”  Whisper asked.

“Yes, that’s what I’m interested in, “Harold answered.

“You’re in luck.  They have a few boxes of rare recordings in the back corner of the store.  They also have a little coffee bar where we can try out some exotic coffees and teas.”


Do they sell any books at the Grunge?”  Harold asked.

“Oh yeah, they have bookshelves stocked with lots of cool books, even some rare out-of-print books.  They even sell books by local authors.  Sometimes a busker will walk in with his guitar and play some old folk songs or some of his or her original compositions.  The Grunge has a small cozy stage area for that.  They will often pass an old cowboy boot around so people can  donate some loose change to the artist,” Whisper added.

“Well, the Grunge sounds wonderful.  I would love to go with you,” Harold said as he took a sip of his Tim Horton’s coffee.

“Are you into that kind of thing?”  Whisper asked as she chewed on a slice of raisin toast.

“I think that I would really enjoy myself in a place like that.  We used to have coffee houses like that back in the seventies. I used to know a local folksinger called Dave Barrett who used to take me to a hang out something like what you’re describing.  I still love those times.” Harold said.




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