Ride Along With Jesus by Ken David Stewart

Ride Along with Jesus


I never thought that I would write a Christian book, as I never had any desire to write a book whose genre would be either Christian or religious. I’m certain that I own over forty different translations of the Bible.  Over the years I’ve likely read around fifty Christian books by well respected authors.  Some of these books are very well written and have taught me much important information about the Christian life.  Most likely, my greatest obstacle to writing about God and the Christian belief system was that I just didn’t feel that I was a good enough Christian to write anything on the topic of living the Christian lifestyle.

Throughout my life I had a very performance related concept of what living an authentic Christian walk was all about.  The great difficulty and roadblock I faced was that I felt that my relationship with God was nothing to write home about.  Although I’ve enjoyed some good success in my life, my attitude and feelings concerning God and the church were very unstable.

I started to dwell on my numerous failures in my life.  Several other Christians have been very critical of my walk with the Lord, and I have to admit that I supplied my fellow Christians with some ammunition that would cause them to doubt my sincerity in my walk with Jesus.  I found this personal criticism to be very hurtful, and consequently my attendance at church and other Christian meetings has been very sporadic.  I have told some of my Christian friends that if I hear one more sermon that tells me why God won’t listen to me and answer my prayers, I will walk out of the service.  I really don’t need some self-righteous believer who is more than ready to point out my many shortcomings.  Believe me, I don’t need them pointing out the sins in my life.  I know my shortcomings all too well.

During my sixty-seven years on this earth, I have suffered from many painful, debilitating episodes of clinical depression.  There is no way to fully describe the numerous and various ways my frequent episodic bouts of depression have derailed my Christian walk.  In another chapter I will likely provide more detail about the devastating effects of clinical depression upon my life and my walk with the Lord. This disease has stolen countless years of productivity from my life.

Many of you may find my writing style hard to understand.  My approach to writing most resembles the methodology known as stream of consciousness writing that was first introduced to the world of literature by the famous writer James Joyce who wrote the classic  novel, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.  Stream of consciousness writing often presents as one stream of thought intuitively flowing into another.  In other words, it appears to lack structure as it is very  free-flowing style of writing.

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